State-of-the-art Diagnostic Centre (Central Lab)

KIMS Diagnostic Laboratory was inaugurated on 2nd July, 2012. The Laboratory is equipped with all state-of the-art, latest, high end, automated systems to perform all Pathological, Microbiological and Bio-chemical tests. The fully automated systems allow performance of a large number and variety of tests rapidly with high degree of accuracy. A stringent quality assurance program with both internal and external agencies like, CMC Vellore and AIIMS are being implanted to ensure accuracy and validity of test results. Apart from routine tests, a whole range of new and sophisticated high end tests have been introduced first time in Odisha, solely for diagnostic purpose. Tests relating to cancer and cancer therapy like Immunohistochemistry and Tumor Markers is being routinely done. Equipments for Immunofloroscence, FISH, Cytogenetics and Electrophoresis (hemoglobin, serum, urine and CSF has been installed. Most of these facilities were not available in Odisha for diagnostic purposes and samples were sent to outside centers. Patients had to bear the agony of high cost and delay in crucial diagnosis. Availability of these tests will greatly help such critical patients. Highly trained personnel have been recruited to run the above equipments. With these kind of set up, the lab can perform a wide range of tests which include routine bio-chemistry, hematology, cytology, biopsy, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, serology, hormone assay, cancer detection and prognostication, hemoglobin disorder detection, genetic disease identification and many more. Further tests like molecular diagnosis, PCR and DNA anlaysis are planned to be introduced in the near future.

The facilities include:

  • Cancer Markers & Sex Hormone Investigations
  • Automated HB Testing System
  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyser
  • Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyser (Based on ECL Principal) and Biochemistry Analyser.
  • Fully Automated ESR Analyser & Coagulation Analyser
  • 3 Electrolyte Analyser & Automatic Hb Testing System(Hb AIC)
  • Fully automated 5 part Haemotology Cell counter & Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis Analyser.
  • Frozen Cryostat Machine, Eliza Reader & Washer & Cyto Centrifuge.
  • Fully Automated Blood, Sterile body Fluid and TB Culture System.
  • Fully Automated Bacterial identification & Susceptibility System.
  • Bio-Safety Cabinet Facility
  • Minus 80’C Centigrade Deep freezer and Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge.
  • Immunofluoroscence Microscopy
  • Frozen Biopsy
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology