Department of Psychiatry

The Psychiatry Deptt in KIMS provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients with Psychiatric and Developmental disorders and their families. These services include:

  1. Specialized Evaluations from birth to 18 years; evidence-based treatments for Anxiety, Depression, and Disruptive Behaviors;
  2. Psychopharmacological Evaluation and management;
  3. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


Counseling and Psychotherapy
        When life is no longer working; when fractured relationships, out-of-control behavior, abuse or other issues tear you or your family apart; we can help. Our caring clinical psychologist focuses on solving your most troubling problems with insight and compassion, and without judgement.

Counseling commonly aids in the treatment of :

  1. Mood and anxiety disorders
  2. Marital and other relational problems
  3. Anger problems
  4. Substance abuse
  5. Child and Adolescent psychological problems
  6. Brain trauma

 Clients also benefit from Specific Therapies as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Client Centered Approaches, Psycho Analysis, Hypnotherapy, Play Therapy etc...