Department of Physiology

The Physiology Department is a full-fledged department in Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences equipped to cater to
students need and make them good well trained medical professionals. A complete effort is made to let students
understand their subjects better. More attention is given to students who don't do well by mentoring them. The good
student to teacher ratio allows for a consistent good performance of the students. The infrastructural facilities include
a spacious AC Lecture Gallery with all the Audiovisual equipment, PowerPoint; well equipped separate laboratories for
Hematology, Clinical Physiology, Experimental Physiology, Mammalian Physiology, Research Lab, Section Ubrary,
Seminar Room, Demonstration Rooms, St��ff Rooms etc. Didactic lectures, Practical sessions, Demonstrations
supported by enriched learning methods ��uch as Tutorials, small group discussions, seminars, problem oriented
analytical approaches are practiced to optimize the learning experience.