Department of Pathology

KIMS and the attached Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital with the state of the art equipments carry out routine investigations including the following specialized pathological tests :

  • Histopathological works using Imported Automated Leica Microtome and Leica Automated Vaccum Tissue Processor.
  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology.
  • Ultrasound and CT guided FNAC
  • Intra-operative FNAC for instant diagnosis to monitor the surgical procedure.
  • Biochemical analysis with help of fully Automated Computerised Biochemical Analyser.
  • Haematological procedures especially with the help of fully computerized Automated Cell Counter.
  • Besides the department provides round the clock pathological services and advancing shortly for undertaking Immunofluorescent study particularly the kidney biopsy specimen, Immunohistochemistry and tissue typing and matching.