Department of Nephrology

Department of Nephrology is a professionally managed unit headed by Prof. Suresh Chandra
Dash (Ex-Prof. AIIMS) and equipped with a team of skilled and dedicated doctors and
paramedical staff. Nephrology unit offers Hemodialysis, Chronic ambulatory peritoneal
dialysis (CAPO). Department runs a 3 days/week Renal clinic for patients of Kidney , all kinds
of kidney diseases , hypertension & diabetic kidney complicaitons. Kidney Biopsies are
routinely done with light & immunoflucrecence study.

Arteria Venous Fistula, Double lumen cathter placement in subclavian, jugular femoral veins
are routinely conducted for continuation of hemodialysis. There are 8 HD machine at
presently open to 3 shift & night emergency dialysis. Intermittent PO is done for those elderly
or hemodynamically unstable patient.

CKD patients are appropriately investigated & treated. They are investigated for suitability of
kidney Transplantation along with their donor.

The department treats all kinds Acute Kidney Failure arising in any department such as
Surgical, Orthopedic, Gynec-Obstretical or in General Medicine.

Department runs teaching & training for UG Students & Nurses.