Department of Microbiology

The Department is well equipped with all types of modern equipments. There is a Central Laboratory
(Microbiology Section) to cater to the needs of microbiological investigations of the hospital patients
providing 24hr services. The internal quality control is maintained by procuring different ATCC type
cultures and biological indicators for checking efficacy of sterilization by autoclave. The external quality
assessment is being done regularly by Professor, Microbiology, being the Chair Person of Hospital
Infection Control Committee of Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital who looks into the control of
infection of the entire hospital (by regular cultures from different OTs and wards before and after
sterilization). RNTCP(Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme), Diagnostic division is guided by
Microbiology Department.

Following are the clinical microbiological investigations done in the Laboratory.

SEROLOGY Immunological tests for viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases
• HIV (rapid & ELISA)
• HBSAg(rapid & ELISA)
• HCV (Rapid & ELISA)
• RA
• WIDAL (slide and tube)
• Typhi dot (Enteroscreen)
• Torch profile
• HAV lgM & lgG
• Rapid Screening test for meningitis
* Stool R/M
* Slide for MP
* QBC for malaria parasite (QBC is a modern Immunofluorescent technique)
* QBC for microfilaria
* Slide for MF
* Malaria ICT
  • KOH mount for fungal scrapings and fungal cultures
* Gram stain, culture & sensitivity
* Sputum AFB
* Sputum gram stain
* Skin smear for AFB
* Vaginal discharge for wet mount and gram stain
* Gram stain of throat swab, body fluids, pus and other specimens
* Special stains (Albert's stain--modified ZN stain and negative staining etc.)
* Aerobic & anaerobic culture procedures are conducted using Bio-safety cabinet
* C/S of urine
* C/S of stool
* C/S of blood
* C/S of throat swab
* C/S of sputum
* C/S of body fluids
* C/S of pus and other specimens
* Culture & sensitivity testing by Automated methods (BacT Alert, Viteck II)
• ANA profile by ICT
• Mantoux test
• Anti-CCP
• Quantiferon gold assay for mycobacterium tuberculosis