Forensic Medicine

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The Department of Forensic Medicine is an independent one and it is one of the subjects in medical education curriculum. This subject is taught in the second MBBS course along with Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology for the duration of 1½ Years.  This department mainly deals with the legal procedures followed in various courts, Medical Ethics, Post Mortem examination, various types of injuries and their mechanism, clinical toxicology and applied toxicology. Today it is well established with adequate space, equipment and staff for training the undergraduates and postgraduates. There is a well-equipped mortuary with cold storage facilities available for preservations of dead bodies and conducting autopsies. The department is undertaking the training of the causality medical officers in dealing with medico legal cases. We are awaiting permission from the Government of Orissa to conduct the medico legal autopsies.

With an overall aim to train the medical undergraduates within the national objectives pertaining to Medico legal responsibilities, this department unequivocally makes attempts to provide the best learning opportunities within its setup & within the required timeframe. Responsibility in service and research are two other responsibilities taught to students by the department.

The department does this by conducting classes for the medical and dental undergraduates teaching them how to carry out Medico legal autopsies as per requests from the police, provide embalming services, provide consultation and help in the casualty regarding Medico legal cases and carrying out research activities. The faculty members are the resource persons for the training of police officers and judiciary officials at state police and judicial academies.