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Department Of ENT

The ENT Department of KIMS Hospital is a highly advanced treatment centre for the diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat. It has a dedicated team of highly trained ENT specialists and one Audiologist.

  • The Department is one of its kind in Eastern India, fully equipped with the most modern instruments such as Microscope (Carl Zeiss) and Endoscope (Karl Storz).
  • A modern Audiology set up with facilities for routine and advanced audiology like OAE BERA, ASSR, etc.
  • It is the first Department in Eastern Indian to have Cobletar, an instrument for highly advanced blood less & pain less tonsil operations.
  • Expertise in microsurgical procedures such as Tympanoplasty, Stapedectomy and Mastoidectomy.
  • Implantation Autology Unit (Proposed) to provide Cochlear Implant Programme for helping the completely deaf.
  • Troboscopy
  • UPPP, an advance surgery for treatment for snoring.
  • Endo-laryngeal System in ENT (first in Eastern India), Voice Surgery and Injection Laryngeal Surgery.
  • Nasal Surgery for nasal beatification and treating nasal blockage, loss of smell and sneezing.
  • Special team for ENT emergencies.