Department of Anaesthesiology

The science of Anaesthesiology originate dating back to a century and half, before which “Surgery was an agony”. Introduction of general Anaesthesia in 1846 (W.T.A.Morton), combined with aseptic techniques, permitted increasingly extensive and complex operations to be performed. Present day monitoring facilities and pain relief made the Sevier safe.
Modern Anaesthesia practice have evolved and revolutionised after World War II.

Duties of the department of Anaesthesiology have extended beyond operating rooms to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, critical care and pain management services including labour analgesia.

Services provided :

  • Assessing, consulting and preparing the patients coming for surgery
  • Rendering Anaesthesia during surgery
  • Extending monitoring and pain management during post operative period
  • Managing the critically ill patients belonging to medical as well as surgical departments.
  • Providing respiratory therapy including mechanical ventilation
  • Management of acute and chronic pain in patients visiting orthopedic, surgical and medical departments along with other modalities
  • Cancer pain management along with other modalities including labour analgesia
  • Managing and teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Teaching, guiding the dissertations and evaluating the performance of post graduates as well as paramedical technicians
  • Research programmes to improve the quality of patient care.