Our medical breakthroughs


Rarest total hip replacement surgery performed in KIMS

Mr. Nandi Das (36) young man sustained crush injury of right leg following road traffic accident. His right leg was amputated below knee to save life. Then he was advised to use artificial limb for walking after 4 months. But surprisingly he could not walk with artificial limb. He consulted the treating surgeon regarding the problem. Then it was found that the patient had dislocation of right hip joint, which was missed during initial examination. Bu this time dislocation was five months old and close reduction was not possible. He was advised surgery with open reduction of hip joint. But the patient's attendants were not satisfied with treating doctor. Then they started consulting doctors in different hospitals. Even he was advised by a senior professor to go to Mumbai or Delhi for his treatment as it was a difficult surgery and not possible in any hospital of Odisha. So he consulted in Pune and Mumbai for surgery.

KIMS is the first medical college to start joint replacement center for hip and knee in Odisha and the rarest of the rare cases are treated here for the last five years by Dr. B. K. Behera with high success rate.

In this way one and half year passed in search of best result by family members. Nobody had assured them of best result due to complication of the surgery. He finally visited a doctor of Delhi. He advised him for total hip replacement (THR) surgery and told the surgery can be done in Odisha. He referred the case to Dr. Basant Kumar Behera, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon of KIMS. Dr. B. K. Behera examined the case and assured him that he can walk with artificial limb after THR surgery. On 10th May 2012, total hip replacement was done and hip joint was reduced successfully in KIMS by team of doctors led by Dr. B. K. Behera. Patient recovered uneventfully. The head of femur was replaced by 36 mm ceramic bead, acetabulum was replaced by pinnacle metal cup with ceramic liner and femoral part was replaced by un-cemented metal prosthesis. This THR implant is the latest type in the world that lasts for more than 30 years and it is suitable for younger patients.


Physically deformed person becomes alright after total Knee Replacement in KIMS

Mr. Kamala Kinkar Patnaik, 47 yrs. was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for last 10 years and unable to stand straight and walk properly due to bending and fusion of both the knee joints for last 2 years. He couldn’t get any relief by medical treatment elsewhere excepting walking few steps and was almost confining himself inside house and not able to move outside.

He was referred to outside state for his treatment and was advised total knee replacement for correction of deformity and pain relief. But his financial condition could not permit him to be operated in reputed hospitals outside of Odisha.

Ultimately he came to know about Orthopedic Dept. KIMS hospital and came for consultation with Dr Basanta K. Behera, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon. After examining Dr. Behera, assured him that the surgery can be done in KIMS successfully in much less cost in comparison to outside of Odisha hospitals.

The surgery was done in KIMS at much less cost compared to other hospitals

The patient and his relatives were convinced and the patient, Mr. Patnaik was operated successfully with bi-lateral total knee replacement and correction of 2 yrs. long deformity. This rare surgery was performed by Dr. Basanta K. Behera, Dr. Jagdish Mishra and their team.

Now patient can stand straight and walk independently without any support. He is an advocate by profession from Bhadrak District and could not pursue his profession for last two years due to the knee problem. But now he has joined his profession and regularly goes to Court.


Invalid patient able to drive for hours after undergoing rare surgery at KIMS

A middle aged man drove from Rourkela to Ranjgangpur in Odisha and back after 6 months of surgery. Dr. Basant Kumar Behera, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon of KIMS and his team conducted the surgery successfully.


100% chances at life

A 100 years old man underwent hip replacement surgery successfully by a team of doctors led by Dr. Basant Kumar Behera, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon of KIMS.
Age is not a bar for surgery, if you reach the right hospital at the right time.

In a similar case, a 90 year old man underwent hip replacement for Fracture Trochanter. Again Dr. Basant Kumar Behera, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon of KIMS and his team conducted the surgery successfully.


Both knee joints replaced in one stage successfully

A lady of 60 years was suffereing from severe OA of both knee joints and was unable to walk for two years. After undergoing successful total knee replacement surgery at KIMS, the patient is now able to walk and lead a normal life. Both her knee joints were replaced in one stage successfully. Dr. Basant Kumar Behera, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon of KIMS and his team conducted the surgery.


100 year old Hip Fracture Patient walks after 3 days of surgery

Longevity of life is increasing day by day due to modern treatment. Now a days people are living upto 90-100 years and their proper treatment is very important. Mr. Govind Ch. Swain, 100 years old man got hip bone facture of right side following a fall at home 2 weeks back and became bed ridden. He consulted orthopedic doctor of local area and was advised non-surgical treatment as surgery is very high risk at this old age and is associated with a lot of complications with anesthesia. This surgical facility is not available in all hospitals. Patient’s condition was detoriating gradually lying in bed. Finally his family member brought him to the orthopaedic department of KIMS for future treatment as patient can not without surgery. He will be bed ridden and finally end life. Dr. B. K. Behera, Joint Replacement Surgeon examined the patient in detail and assured the family members that surgery can be done and be can lead normal life as before. On 15.07.2010 the operation was done successfully with replacement of head and trochanter of right femur with a femoral prosthesis. The patient started walking after 3 days with a walker.

Family members were very much happy and thankful to the whole KIMS medical team particularly anaesthesist Dr. Jagdish Ch. Mishra, Dr. A. Parida and Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. B. K. Behera. The operation was done under supervision of Prof. U. N. Mishra and Prof. B. Panigrahi & CEO, Dr. R. N. Samanta.

There is an old saying “Man born through pelvis and go through pelvis from this world” that means if there is fracture of hip bone at old age it does not unite and patient ultimately ends life by bed ridden complication. But recent treatment of joint replacement surgery of hip bone has changed the quality of life. Moreover many persons and patients are afraid of under going operation after age of 70 years due to anesthesia complication at old age.

Rare operations can be done safely in good quality hospital like KIMS with good Anaesthesia team and good ICU set up. KIMS has an advanced orthopaedic centre for all complicated fracture treatment and joint replacement surgery.

The result is almost hundred percent and it is done at very affordable prince compared to other higher centers. Earlier plate & screws are used for facture trochanter in older patients & patient takes 3 months to walk & it fails. But replacement surgery some time in trochante fracture enable patient to walk on 3rd day of surgery and patient in rehabilitated early. This surgery is done in KIMS only in Orissa. So, older patient of Orissa should take advantage of treatment facility. 


Limb Preservative Reconstructive Surgery at KIMS

One Bibhuti Bir, 24 years, came to KIMS with complaints of painless swelling around left knee joint for four months. The swelling, hard in consistency, was a fusiform swelling of metaphyseal end of tibia, extending 8 to10 cm along longitudinal axis. In pathological tests, including biopsy, the tumor mass was detected as chondrosarcoma of tibia. Although amputation was the treatment of choice, surgeons at KIMS planned for limb sparing surgery as there was no nerve and major blood vessel involvement and tumor was highly locally malignant. A surgeons  team comprising of Dr. D. Mishra,  Asst. Prof (Ortho) conducted the surgery with the able guidance of Prof. U. N. Mishra . It was a four-hour surgery supported by anaesthesist Dr. Jagdish Mshra and team members of Anesthesia department. The dedicated team of paramedics of Orthopedic OT rendered all support for successful completion of surgery. 

Limb saving surgery, a treatment of choice in the present day, is now happening in our state – at KIMS.

In patients suffering from malignant tumours, involving extremities in particular, previously amputation was being done. Nowadays reconstructive surgery with limb preservation is possible. KIMS, a hospitals with superspecialist care, sophisticated surgeries like arthroscopy , spine surgery, oncosurgery to replacement of joints and limb preservation with reconstruction are performed successfully by the team of doctors.


KIMS Performs Bilateral Knee Replacement on 80-Yr-Old

Mr. B. K. Mohanty, 82, was suffering from osteoarthritis knee (bilateral) since 10 years. He was not able to walk due to severe pain in knees for last five years. He was examined at KIMS and advised total knee replacement (TKR). Both knee of the patient were operated by Dr. B. K. Behera, Asst. Prof. Orthopedics and Dr. Jagdish Mishra of KIMS Anesthesia team.

KIMS has performed over 50 total knee replacements in 2011-2012, while more than 200 total knee & total hip replacement surgeries have been performed during last four years.

The patient recovered successfully and is now able to walk without support for one km. within only one month of surgery. KIMS has performed over 50 total knee replacements in 2011-2012, while more than 200 total knee & total hip replacement surgeries have been performed during last four years. In Odisha, this is the highest number of such surgeries performed by any hospital. KIMS is also the first medical college to start joint replacement center in the State.


Rare Surgery in KIMS
Tracheal Stenosis Repair by Coblation

Mr. Bijaya (40) from Nayagada district lost his voice and experienced abnormal breathing following a road accident two years back. He was breathing through an opening made externally over trachea (tracheostomy) since the accident.

At KIMS, laryngofissure and removal of abnormal tissue from narrowed segment of trachea were done using ‘Coblator’. This is a new technique performed for the first time in Odisha. The patient successfully regained his voice immediately after surgery. The voice was recorded. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Khageswar Rout, Dr. Anil Ku Das under supervision of Prof. R. N. Biswal in Ear-Nose-Throat Department of KIMS. Dr. Amit Pradhan was the anesthesiologist. Both surgeons, Dr. Raut and Dr. Dash, have received training in reputed institutes outside Odisha.

Voice loss and breathing problem are common in neck injury and prolonged intubation patients. This new method for restoration of voice and respiration is a boon for road accident patients. KIMS now provides the management of airway and voice problem in road accident patients at affordable price and patients need not go outside Odisha for this expensive treatment.  



Infant’s Nasal Pore Opened

Doctors of Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), a constituent of KIIT, performed a rare surgery to open nasal pore of a seven-day baby. The infant with closed nasal pore, a rare condition, was born in SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack. Parents of the baby admitted her in KIMS in a critical condition. Dr. K. K. Samantaray, ENT Expert, KIMS opened the pore after two-hour long rare surgery. Under the supervision of Dr. R. N. Biswal, Dr. Jagaddish Mishra (Anesthesia), Dr. Akshya Parida and Dr. Khageswar Rout, Dr. Samantaray applied endoscopy surgery on the infant, who was supplied oxygen for temporary respiration. 

The infant is doing well after the surgery and continues to be under treatment of Dr. Manas Nayak, Dr. Jagadish Sahu and Dr. Sebaranjan Biswal in Neonatal ICU section of KIMS. “It is a rare condition that mostly afflicts girls”, said Dr. Samantaray, informing that survival rate is very low in such cases. It was a challenging surgery and KIMS could handle it well because of well trained doctors and ultra modern equipments, said Dr. R. N. Samanta, CEO, KIMS.


Rare ENT Surgery in KIMS

Doctors of KIMS successfully performed a total facial nerve decompression operation, a complicated and rare procedure, on a 55-year old accident-affected patient. The surgery, that took five hours, was performed by Dr. Kabikanta Samantaray, ENT Specialist, KIMS and his team.

The patient, Binayak Panda of Rambha, Ganjam, suffered grievous injuries to his right side face due to an accident. Three days after first aid in Berhampur Medical College, he detected a bent face. He then consulted Dr. Samantaray of KIMS. It was known after CT Scan in KIMS that the patient’s ‘7th Nerve’ was seriously injured, resulting in partial paralysis. He was recommended the total facial nerve decompression operation. He has fully recovered now.

This type of micro surgery is rare in any hospital or medical college in Odisha and, usually, patients have to go outside the State. Now this type of procedure can be competently performed in KIMS, so patients need not go outside the State for treatment, Dr. Samantaray said.


Vocal Cord growth removed by Laryngeal Endoscopic Surgery

A Vocal Cord growth on a patient was removed by Laryngeal Endoscopic Surgery performed by Dr. Kabi Kanta Samantaray of KIMS through an instrument which is available only in KIMS. A 150 Endoscopy was used  during  this surgery aided by a High Definition Camera. All types of vocal cord and voice surgeries can be performed smoothly with this instrument. Though expert training is needed it is more convenient than the conventional micro laryngeal surgery according to Dr. K. K. Samataray. Dr. N. Pradhan, Mr. S. Ghosh & Ms. M. Sahoo assisted in this case.


Rare Post Tuberculosis Hip Surgery

A boy, 18, belonging to BPL family from Nayagarh was unable to walk for past one year, suffering from sequel of arthritis of left hip joint. Two stage surgery was planned for him at KIMS. Biopsy revealed nonspecific arthritis. During the first stage, he was administered a course of anti tubercular drugs DOTS regimen for six months with traction given to the limb during this period in order to maintain the length of the limb.

X-ray showed deficit of bone surrounding the acetabulum. The second stage surgery included acetabular cage with cemented THR. This is a rare surgery and one of its kind in Odisha. Surgery took around three hours. Dr. Debasis Mishra, Asst. Prof. Orthopedics, KIMS performed surgery under the guidance of Prof. U. N. Mishra. He was supported by anaesthesiologist, Dr. Amit Pradhan. Patient was discharged in a walking condition without the need of any support.


Rare Anterior-sacral Meningocele Treated

Mili Nayak, a 45-day old baby, was presented with retention of urine. After routine investigations and sonography of abdomen a large cystic lesion in pelvis posterior to rectum compressing bladder neck was found. Surgery was performed through both abdominal and perineal route and sample sent for biopsy.

The report confirmed meningocele. The operation was carried out by a team of doctors headed by Dr. S. K. Mohanty. The baby recovered nicely without any problem. This is a rare condition of which only about 150 cases are reported.


Gangrene Hand of Baby Corrected by Plastic Surgery

A two-day old baby of Maithili Patel was admitted to NICU of KIMS on April 30, 2012 with Gangrene of right hand due to prolapsed hand in uterus with feature of intra uterine band syndrome. Before coming to KIMS her parents had been advised for a below elbow amputation by various surgeons of the state. Dismayed by the suggestion, the patient's parents came to KI MS for a second opinion.

An urgent Fasciotomy and Z-plasty release was done by plastic surgeon, Dr. Ranjit Sahu. Thereafter, the baby was cared for in NICU with daily dressing and stringent monitoring by Dr. Debasish Panigrahi, Sr. Pediatrics. After regular intervention and vigilant monitoring, the hand of the baby was saved. The doctors are very hopeful of a complete recovery of function with physiotherapy and regular follow-up.


Removal of Huge Goitre Mass

A male patient of 66 years was presented with huge swelling over neck with dyspnoea and cardiac failure. Investigations confirmed that it is a case of goiter with tracheal compression, retrosternal extension, and compression of internal jugular vein on left side. The size of the goiter was very big and it was creating respiration problem for the patient. It was difficult to give general anesthesia because of cardiac failure and tracheal compression and to operate without entering into the thorax. However, it was operated by a team of dynamic doctors headed by Dr. Madhab Kar. Patient recovered nicely.


Life saving surgery at KIMS

Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), a constituent of KIIT, performed a life saving surgery on a 10-year girl, who was seriously injured after a fall from roof. Shubhashree Patra, daughter of B. R. Patra from Shaileshri Vihar, fell down from roof while playing resulting in penetration of rod at the infra-umbilical site. The patient came to KIMS unconscious with pulse was not palpable and BP not recordable. KIMS surgical team immediately transferred the patient to OT and resuscitated her with immediate arrangement of blood. The abdomen was opened and found to have massive blood in the peritonial cavity. It was also found that, renal vein was injured. After successful operation patient was shifted to ICU. At present she is out of danger and steadily recovering in ICU. Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS congratulated the surgeons and wished a speedy recovery of the patient.


Rare Abdominal Hernia Treated

A team of competent surgeons and anesthetists of KIMS conducted a surgery to treat Lumber Hernia. Lumber Hernia / Bleichner's Hernia is a surgical entity without any standard method of repair. It has been infrequently reported with only about 300 cases in the English literature, 62 cases in Japanese journals and 11 cases in Korean journals. KIMS surgeon placed a mess to cure the defect. The patient was discharged in seven days.


Baby with penile agenesis

A patient, aged 3 days old, reported KIMS with penile agenesis or absence of penis with anorectal malformation. The case also had bilateral rudimentary kidneys. Penile agenesis is a very rare condition which occurs due to an early embryologic failure in the development of the genital tubercle. It has an occurrence of one in 10 to 30 million live births. Anorectal malformation occurring with this is the rarest of the rare condition. It is believed that such children are best reared as female and that castration and reconstruction of the external genitalia should be performed at an early age. The patient was successfully operated at KIMS.


Intraduodenal Hematoma –  A Rare Case

Intramural hematoma of the duodenum is a rare clinical entity, which usually follows trauma of the abdomen. A 25 years male was referred to KIMS casualty for pain in upper abdomen and persistent vomiting for three days and was initially admitted in the medicine ward with alcoholic gastritis. The patient was a known alcoholic and had a fall from motorbike.  Evaluation with Upper GI endoscopy showed a bile in the stomach with duodenal luminal obstruction.  Patient was jaundiced. Noncontrast CT scan of upper abdomen showed duodenal obstruction at the DJ flexure with dilated loops of duodenum.  Surgery was done successfully by a team of dedicated doctors with complete decompression and evacuation of Hematoma, which was causing the duodenal obstruction with compression of CBD and duodenal luminal obstruction. Patient recovered well and was discharged on eighth day. This is a very rare clinical condition and its diagnosis is difficult. A high index of suspicion with appropriate timely intervention is the key to successful outcome. The surgery was conducted by Dr. A. Mishra, Asso. Prof. Surgery, his team and a team of dedicated Anaethesist and supporting staff of KIMS.


Rare surgery: Renal stone  removed from 3-yr old

Aditya, a three-year old boy, was admitted in Kalinga Institute of medical Sciences, (KIMS) after it was suspected that his right kidney had a large renal stone. He was admitted on 1st May 2012 and underwent an endoscopy procedure to remove the stone. The size of the stone was about 16mm x 12mm, informed doctors of KIMS. It is a rare case of renal stone in this age group, they said. Previously, the patient was treated at SCB, Cuttack for this illness. Now the patient is relieved and discharged four days after surgery. It was a great success for the doctors of KIMS - Dr. Jagat Ku. Jagdev, Urologist; Dr. Laxmidhar Padhy, Sr. Resident, a team of anesthesiologists and other staffs.


Catheter Removed from Lungs after 33 Years

Unbelievable but true. In a rare surgery, doctors of KIMS removed a malecot catheter from a man’s lungs, where it was embedded for 33 years. The catheter was left in the lungs of Bipin Patro (38) of Kendrapada due to doctor’s negligence when a chest drain was performed at him at SCB Medical College and Hospital, Katak to treat Pneumonia and pus in lungs in 1978. He was just five years of age then. Though he was cured of Pneumonia and pus, a part of malecot catheter was left inside lung, which caused a fistula (Thoraco cutaneous fistula). For last 33 years, Bipin was suffering from lungs pain due to this condition. When he came to KIMS, investigations by Dr. Madhabananda Kar, eminent surgeon revealed that a part of chest drain was inside the lungs. Dr. Kar decided to remove that chest drain by surgery. On 12th May 2011, a team of doctors led by Dr. Kar and constituting Dr. Subrat Mohanty, Dr Amrish Mishra, Dr. Subrat Sahoo and others successfully removed the catheter from his lungs. The team of doctors was assisted in lungs ventilation by Dr. Akshya Parida, Dr. Jagadish Mishra, Dr. Amit Pradhan, Dr. Aditya Das and Dr. Kadambini Parida. The chest drain and the damaged part of the lungs were removed. This type of surgery is very rare, informed doctors of KIMS. Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS congratulated Dr. Kar and his team for their effort and wished Shri Bipin Patro a long and happy life.


Uncommon Disease, Immaculate Treatment

A two-month old baby girl was brought to KIMS with breathing problem, from which she was suffering for about one month. As her condition was serious she was admitted to Pediatric ICU. After thorough evaluation she was diagnosed to have Diaphragmatic Hernia, a birth defect in which there is a large hole in one side of diaphragm, the structure that separates chest cavity from abdominal cavity and belly. The defect allowed entry of abdominal contents, mainly liver, stomach and intestine, into chest cavity; thus, compromising and jeopardizing the development and function of the lungs. This is a rare condition and requires early diagnosis and treatment involving medical resuscitation and surgical correction. The baby was stabilized with aggressive treatment. She was successfully operated by Pediatric Surgical Team headed by Dr. Subrat Mohanty with anesthetic support from Dr. B. K. Panigrahi and his team. The baby finally recovered after intensive post operative care round the clock for one week including artificial breathing support from ventilator.

Similarly, a six-year old girl was brought to KIMS with irregular fever, skin rashes and gradual weakness in lower limbs for two months and inability to walk and run properly for 10 days. She was treated at many institutions as well as by private doctors, but without any relief, causing grief and frustration to the parents. The child was having a typical rash of a chronic debilitating disease called Dermatomyositis, which is very uncommon and occurs in one in two million population. The disease primarily affects body muscles through an abnormal autoimmune process and in the long run incapacitates the patient gradually if not diagnosed and treated early and properly. With the clinical suspicion from the typical rash, the child was investigated and the diagnosis was clinched within one week at KIMS. She was put on proper treatment and within 10 days there was marked improvement. She could walk properly, rashes subsided and persistently irritable child became cheerful. Both the cases were rare and not commonly encountered by physicians. If not diagnosed early and treated aggressively the patient succumbs or gets incapacitated for whole life. The two children were salvaged due to outstanding professional knowledge, clinical acumen, exceptional competence and utmost dedication displayed by the team of doctors from various disciplines, particularly the Department of Pediatrics, headed by Prof. Aswini Kr. Mohanty.


Docs Solve Complicated Pregnancy

A 23 year primigravida with right sided lower abdominal pain at nine weeks of gestation was diagnosed (USG) as Heterotopic Pregnancy. This condition is marked by two parallel pregnancies - one in the uterine cavity and other in the tube. She underwent laparoscopic removal of the affected tube (Right salpingectomy), preserving the intra-uterine pregnancy, which advanced uneventfully till term with supportive measures and delivered vaginally at 37 weeks. Both the mother and the baby are doing well. The whole proceeding was a team-effort of KIMS doctors at O&G Department.


Surgery to Treat Corrosive Poisoning of Upper GI Tract

A 25-year male patient was admitted to the Department of Surgery of Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) with accidental intake of corrosive acid. The patient was initially resuscitated and managed in a private hospital in Bhubaneswar. He was then referred to KIMS with severe retrosternal burning pain. The patient developed gradual bleeding from the Upper GI Tract due to acid injury which was initially treated conservatively with blood transfusion. However, due to continued bleeding, emergency esophagogastrectomy was performed, where all the stomach and middle and lower portion of esophagus was resected. The patient recovered well in the post-operative period and was discharged with only liquid nutritional feeding through the feeding jejunostomy. The patient's general condition improved. After three months reconstructive surgery of Colon replacement as a substitute of resected esophagus and stomach was performed. The surgery was performed by a dedicated group of surgeons.